Gilliam was a page, wondering to be a great knight after. King Arther's party planned to go on a trip but they couldn't buy a horse for it. So King Arther made Gilliam to make horse's hoofs sound and follow their trip. One day, King Arther's party arrived Wizard Labyrinth while trip and been attacked by monsters. Party had been scattered and Gilliam left alone at the Labyrinth. For a long time, Gilliam try to find King Arther's trace and learnt few skills to survive. And he started to guid a Grandchase party arrived at the Wizard Labyrinth.

"Did you see King Arther? I will lead you with my special abillities, so please find King Arther for me!"


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
Coconut March m
Coconut March
Removes debuff from all allies and applies stun immunity for 30.0 seconds.
階級 5
Coconut Fantasia m
Coconut Fantasia
Increases all enemies’ cool time by 6 seconds, and reduces attack speed by 390.5% for 6 seconds.