[Idea Contest Winner]
Loreley was born with special attractive tone color. In her town, all of residents were went insane since her song and therefore, Loreley was stigmatized as Cursed Songstress and had to move out from the town. After that she joined in the Vasin Army. Vasin King admitted her power and gave her possesd lyre Armdusha. By Armdusha's power, Loreley awakend her inner power.
From she awakend her power, there is no any one who isn't fascinated by her song. Until now, in Vasin Army, everyone call her as Bard Loreley.


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
Wish Song m
Wish Song
For <t> sec, heals all allies' HP by <ca0> every 3 sec.
階級 1
Blessing Song m
Blessing Song
Becomes Invincible for <t> sec and generates protector that absorbs <as0ca0> damage to all allies for <as0t> sec.
階級 3
Charming Song m
Charming Song
Charms enemies in back row and makes them to come to you for <t> sec.
階級 5
Cursed Songstress m
Cursed Songstress
Confuses enemies near an enemy has highest attack speed to attack their allies for <ps0t> sec when 1 your ally die.

Cursed Songstress

必殺技 Vasin Army Paean m
Vasin Army Paean
Make invincible allies for <t> sec, increases Physical ATK by <ca1>, and increases Attack Speed by <cm2>%.


名稱 效果 需要
瓦辛王的信任 所有屬性增加 +40 永恆冒險M/吟遊詩人-羅蕾萊永恆冒險M/死神凱琳永恆冒險M/凱伊
瓦辛同盟(3) 生命值 +15% 永恆冒險M/吟遊詩人-羅蕾萊永恆冒險M/卡莉永恆冒險M/死神凱琳