Cat Tommy was very tiny body. And if you ever saw him you would even say he is small. Therefore All of other cats used to laugh and call him names. Tommy studied harder and harder while other cats made fun of him.

After a long time flew, Tommy finally created Robot, Robo Purrthos. However, the Robo Purrthos needed too much fuels to operate. Tommy couldn't accept his failure and started to create the extraordinary fuel. He failed a lot but never stopped. One day, Tommy found a glowing Blue Stone while strolling. He tried to use the Stone as fuel of Robo Purrthos and finally the Robo Purrthos operated successfully. Other cats revere Tommy as a great Engineer and Tommy explored the world with Robo Purrthos.

The Stone Tommy found is ancient Empire's Jewel which called Ornette. It can amplify nearby Magic Energy and protect. Tommy couldn't figure out the Stone's actual power so went to RuneCaster Mari to ask about it. Then he became a member of Grand Chase using Ornette's Mysterious Power.


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
G…Great Nyan! m
G…Great Nyan!
Increases the magical attack of all allies by 2500, and boosts up the damage of allies with strong magic by 35.0%.
階級 5
Consuming Nyan! m
Consuming Nyan!
Reduces all allies' Receiving DMG from Magic Type by 35.5 and consumes 55000 Magic DMG for 5 sec.