Harpe Noir grew up together with Ronan as a closest friend. Unlike Ronan, he couldn't use magic but trained his sword skill long enough to be with Ronan. With his sword skill, he could be one of the members of Existor, which is an informant organization of Erudon family. As guard of Ronan, he took credit for war and was honored.
In the battle with Astarot, Harpe sacrificed his life to protect Ronan and to get back Harpe's soul, Grand Chase members ride on Abyss Train 301.


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
Existor Slash m
Existor Slash
Inflicts 5607 Physical Damage, inflicts 1450 Damage that ignores DEF, and reduces Healing effect by -25.3%.
階級 1
Soul Existor m
Soul Existor
Inflicts additional 26.2% Damage to Defense type and increases Attack Speed by 61.0%.
階級 3
Divine Strike m
Divine Strike
Ignores DEF and inflicts 4580 Damage for 3 sec and recovers your HP by 5941.
階級 5
Evasion Blast m
Evasion Blast
Evades 20.0% skills. When the HP reach 50.0%, Changes Skill Evasion rate into 100.0% for 2 sec.
必殺技 Special Divine Strike m
Special Divine Strike
Ignores DEF and inflicts 6035 Damage, casts silence effect for 5 sec, and inflicts Burn Damage every 3 secs to all enemies.


名稱 效果 需要
Master 所有屬性增加 +40 魔劍士羅納魔法騎士羅納聖光魔騎羅納
協力者(3) 生命值 +15% 卡西亞斯·格蘭迪耶