Devil is a little probationer of Abyss. He moved to Bermesiah Continent to find friends to play with because he is so tired of loose days.
If you make Devil feel fun, you will get power and fame, \nbut if not, Devil will grab your soul down to Abyss.

Shshshsh! Yo human! Let's play together!!


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
Let's play together! m
Let's play together!
Sends 1 random enemy to airborne and stuns for 1.5 sec. And decreases -40.0% of physical DEF for 1.5 sec.
階級 5
That's not fun. Take this! m
That's not fun. Take this!
Curses enemies in back row and minimizes them for 6.5 sec. Increases cursed enemies' Attack Speed by 61.0% and confuses them.