In Wonderland, there was a cat called Bourbis. He was good at magic and playful. One day, he gets to hear the story of Grand Chase. He created “Strange World” with his own magic and traveled to invite the Grand Chase. When he tried to return to his home after delivering invitations, he was caught by Elesis and kept in “Strange World”. However, he managed to run away from her. And Elesis never stopped chasing him. Finally, Bourbis was caught again by Elesis and joined Grand Chase.

”I don’t cheat. I just have quick hands!"


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
Fantastic Magic in Wonder Land m
Fantastic Magic in Wonder Land
For 6 seconds, all the enemies become shrunk and confused. During this time, the confused enemies’ Ignoring DEF damage is increased by 150
階級 5
Curtain of Illusion m
Curtain of Illusion
For 6 seconds, all the allies become stealth and their attack speed is increased by 43.0%.