Haitai could not leave injustice unnoticed. He became a holy animal as he protected innocent people. One day, he saw Gumiho torturing people in Moonlight Town. He fought Gumiho and her minions but lost. Gumiho liked Haitai’s power and sealed his power by putting a bell on his neck. Due to the bell, Haitai could not go out of Gumiho’s magic circle. He is waiting for a warrior who will bring back his power.

"Are you the one to unlock my power?"


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
Haitai's Will m
Haitai's Will
Makes all allies immune to chaos for 7seconds and deports single enemy and surroundings for 6 seconds.
階級 5
Haitai's Roar m
Haitai's Roar
Reduces all allies' defense ignorance damage by 20.0%.