When Mary Jane was young, she lost her parents. Her and her younger sister madeleine were entrusted to Best Butler family in Britain and raised as maids. Maids in the family are trained to protect their masters. Among the maids, Mary Jane acquired prominence at sniping and became well known to best attendant.

Please call me Mary Jane. Master.


阶级/类型 名字 效果
阶级 1
Electric Knife m
Electric Knife
Ignores DEF, inflicts 4250 Damage to whole enemies, and stuns them for 3 sec.
阶级 1
Electirc Sniper Rifle m
Electirc Sniper Rifle
Reduces receiving damage from Fire Type by 30.0% and increases Fire Damage by 50.0%.
阶级 3
Electric Rifle m
Electric Rifle
Inflicts 6927 Physical Damage to near an enemy, knocks hit enemies back, heals 50.0% of damage for 5 sec.
阶级 5
Sniping m
Becomes invisible for 5 sec and increases Attack Speed by 80.0%.
必杀技 Electiric Rifle Special m
Electiric Rifle Special
Ignores DEF, inflicts 9495 Damage to whole enemies, Knocks them back, and stuns them for 5 sec.