Isolet is the shield of Serdin and is a sword master who played a great role during Kingdom War. When Serdin and Kanaban were at peace, She set a good example for knights by practicing her sword skills and competing strong fighters. However, after Kingdom War, She realized that her kingdom needed to strength its whole force. So, She decided to be a commander and is training new knights.


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
General Stance m
General Stance
Increases the whole allies』 active skill level by 2 and critical hit chance by 30.4% for 10.1 seconds.
階級 1
Charisma m
Increases the character』s health by 0.0%, and decreases range damage to all allies by 50.3%.
階級 3
Battle Judgment m
Battle Judgment
Deals 1401 physical damage to nearby enemies, and throws them up in the air. Also converts the object』s attribute to metal.
階級 5
Royal Guard m
Royal Guard
Respawns the character with 10% health and makes it invincible for 5 seconds. At this point, all allies』 attack speed is increased by 51.0%.
必殺技 Knight』s Storm m
Knight』s Storm
Releases the inner power to attack nearby enemies mercilessly 26 times and deal 31193 physical damage to them.