Little Lulu was born in Gahon of East Continent and there was a Catastrophe when she was very young. Lulu lost her parents in the Catastrophe, but she was rescued by an Elf.
She always makes trouble when she carries an Ice Rabbit which name is Roro which was left by her parents.
Roro is known as Lulu's Magic Source and Lulu can use powerful magic even if she is young because she is half human and half god with powerful Magician's blood.


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
Freezing Attack m
Freezing Attack
Inflicts 4655 Magic Damage to an enemy who has highest Magic ATK and Reduces Attack Speed by -21.0% for 3.4 sec.
階級 1
Roro m
Increases your Magic ATK by 400 and Support Type Damage by 59.1%.
階級 3
Freezing Beam m
Freezing Beam
Inflicts 2400 Magic Damage to enemies in back row and reduces Normal Attack Range by -2.2 for 2 sec.
階級 5
Luli Luli m
Luli Luli
Casts Confusion effect to 1 random enemy for 5.5 sec.
[Confused enemy will attack allies of him.]
必殺技 Freezing Pressure m
Freezing Pressure
Sends all enemies to airborne, inflicts 17605 Magic Damage, and dispels all buffs.


名稱 效果 需要
From Gahon 智力 +40 雪露露翼神琳
Angel 所有屬性增加 +40 雪露露魔導技師瑪琳