Isolet is in her prime condition as she led knights on the frontline during Kingdom War.
She takes high pride in burning passion and her sword skills. People say she can beat any legendary heroes of Serdin.
When she fights, She fights very aggressively.
「What? That blue kid from Kanaban? Too weak! Without magic, I could beat him instantly!」


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
Night Pierce m
Night Pierce
Deals 2271 physical damage to one enemy, put him in the broken armor status. (50% more damage is given to the enemy in the broken armor status.)
階級 1
Lapierre Assault m
Lapierre Assault
Increases the character』s attack speed by 21.0% and life absorption by 41.0%.
When the critical hit is made, deals extra 2576 defense-ignoring damage to the enemy.
階級 3
Battle Crash m
Battle Crash
Deals 2976 physical damage and 1920 defense ignoring damage to enemies and their surroundings.
階級 5
Jin Royal Guard m
Jin Royal Guard
Respawns the character with 10% health and makes it invincible for 7 seconds. At this point, all allies』 attack speed is increased by 51.0%.
必殺技 Jin Knight』s Storm m
Jin Knight』s Storm
Attacks all enemies mercilessly 28 times and deals 51606 defense ignoring damage to them.


名稱 效果 需要
Kingdom Knight 所有屬性增加 +50 騎士團長團長艾索蕾特永恆冒險M/隊長艾德