The Angel of Night, Lilith, is God's envoy. One night, when the sky was pitch dark, save for the full moon, Lilith landed on Bermesiah and began attacking humans. She wanted nothing more than to punish these lowly creatures for their greed. But because she was too haughty and underprepared, Lilith lost to the Grand Chase, the allied forces of Kanaban and Serdin. After her shameful defeat, she's been searching all over the continent for those willing to join her army.

"Hey, you over there. Won't you join me? I could use someone like you!"


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
Nightmare's Judgement m
Nightmare's Judgement
Inflicts 6135 magic damage to the enemy in the front and others near it, and reduces its magic resistance by -500 for 4 seconds.
階級 1
Shadow's Blessing m
Shadow's Blessing
Decreases damage from Metal types by 5.0%, and increases damage to Metal types by 10.0%. In labyrinth, it increases the caster』s magic attack by 44.1%.
階級 3
Rising Heaven m
Rising Heaven
Inflicts 8827 magic damage to all enemies and cancels all buffs. Restores the caster's special gage by 88.
階級 5
Night's Confinement m
Night's Confinement
When Lilith's health is below 40.0%, she reflects 93.1% of all physical damage for 6 seconds, and restores 9150 health every 3 seconds.
必殺技 Rising Crow m
Rising Crow
Ignores DEF, inflicts 900 Damage count 5 times to nearby enemy, and sends the enemy to airborne.