There was a small town near the Abyss Train's path and a kid always play alone in the town. He couldn't have friend and he always wanted to get a friend who can play with him.

As usual, the kid was playing alone and accidently saw many souls in the train. He thought among that many souls, there can be at least one soul that will play with him. So he road on the train to find his friend. Since he always runs and plays in the train with souls, other souls call him as Jr. Jack.


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
Choo-Choo! Abyss Travel m
Choo-Choo! Abyss Travel
Ignores DEF, inflicts 1000 damage to forward enemy, and push him back.
階級 5
Hero Play m
Hero Play
Cancels all debuffs on allies and increases HP by 30000 and size.