Jr. Kaze'aze is a pet born out of the experiment of Marie, who succeeded in stealing some of magic power of the witch Kaze'aze during the battle against her. It is aggressive maybe because of the injection of Kaze'aze's evil magic, and it mistakes itself as the real Kaze'aze. You should be careful because you can be attacked indiscriminately by Jr. Kaze'aze, if you approach this small and cute creature rashly. So this pet shall be always watched by its master Marie.

"Roar! I'm Kaze'aze..!! Aren't you scared? You will regret if you look down on me because I'm cute!"


階級/類型 名字 效果
階級 1
Ignition Ball m
Ignition Ball
Inflicts 44000 magic damage on all enemies, and reduces their magic attack for 10 seconds by -16800.
階級 5
Ignition Claw m
Ignition Claw
Knocks back all enemies, and stuns them for 3.5 seconds.